Student tour

The Deanship of Student Affairs supervises the organization of student scientific trips according to the list of field trips for the training of students inside and outside the Sudan. These trips are determined by the concerned faculty of the trip and are programmed by the Scientific Affairs Secretariat. These trips are organized by a committee composed of the academic supervisor. On the academic side, and the social supervisor is the professor, which is determined by the Deanship of students and be responsible and supervisor on the administrative and social aspects of university student trips, and there are general controls for scientific trips student must adhere to:

Ensure that male students are allowed to travel from the National Service Administration.
Adhering to parents' decisions to travel.
Check the budget for the trip before traveling.
Ensure students' health status and suitability for travel.
Complete the form prepared for the trips from the Deanship of Students.
Ensure that the social supervisor is selected from the Deanship of Students before starting the travel procedures
Notify the Deanship of Students before sufficient time to facilitate and complete the flight procedures
Students undertake to abide by university regulations and abide by supervisors' directives.

The Deanship of Student Affairs oversees the 2017 African Residence for Community Medicine students

The Department of Community Medicine conducted 16 field trips within the rural residency program, which was organized by the Faculty of Medicine in the community medicine department. The students held a number of lectures on educational and communicative diseases. Immunization and nutrition for children and care and follow-up of pregnant women citizens of the areas where they lived.

The villages included al-Mutama, Kabushiya, Zaidab, Hamed, Umm al-Tayf, Nile River State and the northern state. The areas included al-Daba, Karima and al-Dakht.

It is noteworthy that the Deanship oversaw a number of rural residences that organized those areas .. In the jurisdiction of the island nominated the lip ... to be a social supervisor of the group Delot and nominated Essam Rihan social supervisor of the area of ​​the Hawash, was nominated Ammar Abdul-Jabbar supervisor of the group of Rawaba .. Ashraf Zeinab Mahjoub Ali Wad Al-Haddad Group, while Al-Sayyed Mohammad Fadl was chosen as social supervisor of Al-Mutama Group and appointed Hadi Hamed as Social Supervisor of Wad Hamed Group and Ashraf Aya Hassan Ali Al Zaidab Group. The Deanship has also worked on coordinating and supervising a number of cultural and recreational programs, recreational trips, organizing a program and visits to archaeological and historical landmarks such as Al-Bagrawia, Al-Sallouka and other areas.

The rural residence achieved its objectives and carried out its programs according to the plan and the students were a summit in good conduct, cooperation and harmony.

Students provide educational lectures and guides on public health and disease prevention issues