Student Exchange

The University of Khartoum participates annually in the Arab Student Exchange Program between the Arab Universities, which is organized by the Arab Council for the Training of Arab University Students, which was established in 1992 by the decision of the Council of the Union of Arab Universities at its twenty-fifth session. Training opportunities for Arab university students through the establishment of an annual Arab forum through which the exchange of training opportunities between Arab universities in various fields and scientific and humanitarian disciplines and the provision of a token monetary grant by the Council to universities participating in the process The Council also encourages the scientific, cultural and artistic activities of Arab university students by holding an annual Arab student activity conference in one of the scientific or humanitarian disciplines. It also encourages members of the Federation to grant accommodation, deportation and nutrition facilities in the places allocated for this purpose in host universities.

The Deanship of Student Affairs at the University of Khartoum oversees this program annually and under the patronage of the Rector. The Deanship will be a committee every year to make the necessary arrangements to receive Arab students from Arab universities and their accommodation during the period of this program as well as the arrangements for sending Sudanese students from the University of Khartoum to various Arab countries according to the available opportunities. Each year twelve courses have been implemented so far.

The last of these courses was the exchange of the year 2012, which was last June, where the university received 32 students from four Arab countries: Egypt, Yemen, Iraq and Palestine. The university received 36 training opportunities in several countries, but for the conditions of the university examinations 9 students were sent to Egypt and Yemen .

Many institutions participated in the training of these students, which are:

Central Bank of Sudan - Omdurman National Bank - Islamic Solidarity Bank - Judicial Authority - Ministry of Animal Resources and Fisheries - General Authority for Geological Research - Data Net - Agricultural Research Authority - National Television Authority - Medical and Health Services Center -

In addition, there was a training program that included recreational and tourism programs as follows: A guided tour of the university and the capital - Visit to the national and archeological regions (Al-Naqaa, Al-Bajrawia, Shandi University) In addition, invitations were made by some parties concerned with student affairs, where they ate dinner. These bodies are: the Popular and International Friendship Council, the National Fund for Student Welfare, the Khartoum Students Union, the General Union of Sudanese Students and the Sudanese Youth Union.

The final day was held at the Sharjah Hall under the patronage of the Rector and in the presence of the Dean of Student Affairs. Mustafa Mohammed Ali Albala and a number of former deans and deans of the faculties and some professors and directors of departments and supervisors students and ambassadors of participating countries, and was honoring Arab students and the distribution of training certificates to them as well as honoring the institutions and institutions contributing to the training and hosting program.