Excellent students

Bismala Montaser Mohammed Ahmed Age 20 years Specialization Economics has been the academic secretary of the Statistical Association of the Faculty participated in a number of exhibitions and weeks that are held in the Faculty of manual and artistic work. Bismlh student excellence and talent in a number of topics she likes to learn languages ​​in general and has learned the Japanese language and participation In international competitions she participated in the 2016 Japanese non-native lap contest at Cairo University with the support of Tokyo Prefecture where she won the first prize in the competition.
And the second participation in 2017 in the global competition organized by the University of Tokyo, Japan was one of the 5860 participants globally and won second place as the first Arab and the first Sudanese to win the award after the first winner of Japanese origin.
Bismillah has also participated in the short film contest organized by the Institute of African and Asian Studies and Faiza and her team is second.
She has worked in a number of community organizations, including the Jerusalem Municipality Amanti and Fina Khair. Therefore, Bismala was sent to an external course in the United Arab Emirates by the Deanship of Student Affairs, University of Khartoum for outstanding students academia and non-academic for a course in strategic planning and electronic marketing, saying that the course was one of the most important turning points in her life as it added a lot of concepts and development in thinking And planning and knowing where the developed world in this field and wants to reflect on her private and practical life in the future. He is currently working at Royal Care Hospital in the marketing department.

Name: Mohamed Abdel Azim Haj Saleh Age 22 Faculty of Arts Level V Psychology. Mohammed winner of the first scientific research at the level of Sudan Award presented by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

He won the research on the modification of human behavior between Islam and Western psychology.

Mohammed has a number of hobbies including football and reading.

Mohammed says that the University of Khartoum has taught him and created new knowledge from different societies and cultures in the country. Mohammed is currently working in the last year to help new students and try to highlight the real image of the world through his research. This is the original research of psychology and will be published in the research Enlightenment knowledge