Student Affairs Workshop

The student affairs workshop was held on Sunday 8/10, and the current status and future of the university was discussed and discussed under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Sumaya Mohammed Ahmed Abu Keshouh and the presence of the university's director, Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Sulaiman, and a number of university principals, In Sudanese universities. The attendance was great for journalists and those interested in the status of the university.

The workshop was chaired by Dr. Hashim Mohammed Al-Hadi, head of the workshop, and Dr. Taha Al-Makashafi, Dean of Student Affairs. The workshop was organized and five papers were presented on the topics of enhancing the stability of the university, and the role of the student union in the stability of the university and the promotion of university life and the negative activities in the university environment. Which will contribute to the stability of the university and provide the appropriate environment for students to progress scientific, cultural and sports fit to the extent of the University of Khartoum.