Deanship of Student Affairs stands on its service projects

The Dean of Students Affairs accompanied by a number of heads of departments and units at the Deanship, from 22 to 27 January 2019, the Shambat Complex, the Medical and Health Sciences Complex and the Education Complex. The delegation also agreed to complete maintenance work for 12 female students at the university faculties. The projects will be implemented in this year, which includes upgrading the infrastructure of extra-curricular activities (sports, cultural and student associations), as well as the projects of modern Saqqia with large capacities, which the Deanship proposes to implement in partnership with the departments of the various faculties of the university.

Faculty of Animal Production

Forest College Vacation

Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Nursing

Faculty of Laboratories

The delegation stands on the projects of the College of Agricultural Laboratories

Meeting of the delegation of the Deanship with the Dean of Laboratories in his office

Meeting of the delegation of the Deanship of Students with the Dean of the Faculty of Education in his office


Visit of the delegation to the Association of the Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education