Oversight Units

First: Student Supervision Unit:

      The unit supervision college students one of the arms of Dean of Student Affairs Executive and has branches in all of the (complex center - complex Shambat - Complex Education - Complex Medical Sciences), and the focus of its provide all services for students associate these colleges since joining the university and even graduate.
1. Functions and supervision units: Join enable students to provide various assistance.
2. Receive lists of students enrolled and classification of successful students and students return and separated according to the results of the final exams.
3. Follow correct errors that occur in the Registration via mail in coordination with the Department of tuition fees.
4. Inventory insolvent students and help them and enable them to register in accordance with the forms prepared for this purpose in coordination with the colleges and the Department of tuition fees.
5. Survey students registered and non-registered and Almkstin of the tuition fee.
6. Open files for students and continue to update the underlying data.
7. Facilitate procedures that help students to establish extra-curricular activities, in coordination with the relevant authorities and follow-up.
8. Participation in committees estimate tuition and graduation ceremonies.
9. Unit assists in obtaining university students on the card.
10. Unity represented in the management of the complex colleges headed by its secretary general.
11. The unit follow-up maintenance refrigerant in coordination with the Departments of Dean and colleges.
12. Participate in scientific trips for students social supervisor.

Second: Administrative Supervision Unit:

    This unit was established recently Deanship of Student Affairs after decentralization and transfer of personnel files deanship various secretariats complexes, and given the importance of this function and flow work has introduced functionality to undertake administrative supervisor the following tasks:
1. Keep a record contain the names of employees in departments and units Dean and functional scores and their functions.
2. Serve as liaison between departments and units connect with senior management and executive management to enforce action plans.
3. Determine the functions and duties of the different functions.
4. Transfer policies and directives from senior management to the executive management.
5. Foundations and controls running vehicles lonely and application control.
6. Creating an attractive business environment and trained care workers with the relevant authorities.

Third: Unit supervision of foreign students:

Was established this unit deanship students since the early eighties, the interested international students of both sexes, and who are accepted under the cultural exchange between Sudan and some sisterly countries, within the framework of grants from external organizations and acceptance at private expense, including interest all the necessary student academically, socially and health Since arriving in the country and until his departure at graduation and the expiration of the scholarship.
Functions of the unit:
For new students, the unit as follows:
1. Lists of the names of the students received training grants from the Department of the Ministry of Higher Education.
2. Checking out the arrival of students and facilitate their entry procedures.
3. Coordination with the National Endowment for the care of students for facilitate procedures housing.
4. Help students facilitate the extraction of residence and student card entrant.
5. Medical examination for students when they arrive, and follow up the work of the health card that will enable them to treatment health units of the University.
6. Student guidance and follow up procedures are recorded in the faculty.
For students old unit, whereupon the following:
1. Follow the extraction and renewal of residence and student card entrant.
2. Facilitate housing.
3. Follow-up registered colleges.
4. Monitoring results and send them to donors.
The following tuition play unit as follows:
1. Statistical work for students and classified colleges and nationalities.
2. Work revealed the names of scholarship students to ask the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research school Brsomem.
3. Registration and classification of students by colleges and levels and nationalities and the donor.
4. Visa extract letters.
Relevant loneliness:
1. Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Department of Foreign Relations).
2. Cultural Attaché various embassies.
3. National Fund for the care of students.
4. Ministry of Interior - Immigration Department and the Immigration and Naturalization Service and alien registration.
5. Management student card entrant.
6. Admissions Office internal and Admission and Registration Department at the university.
7. International Student Care Organization.
8. Various university faculties.
• The unit is also involved the World People's Friendship Council together in the Student Forum, which is held for students from all universities in Khartoum.
• The number of countries which students flocked thirty countries, also reached statistical students who registered the unit (163) one hundred and sixty-three students.

Fourth: supervision housing unit graduate

1. Creating a comfortable atmosphere for students, help to recall and academic achievement
2. Provision of various student activities to help the student in creating an entertaining atmosphere commensurate with this stage.
3. Stitches spirit of teamwork and cooperation spiritual center of the students.
The role and tasks of the unit:
1. Internal supervision rubella as well as breaks middle schools.
2. Commitment to the implementation of the list and controls housing graduate students.
3. The general supervisor requesting registration in accordance with the conditions and controls regulation, and the work of the supervisor also extract financial receipt of housing and registration receipts in the book for the office, and obtained the supplied receipts at the beginning of each month and recorded the Comptroller deanship.
4. Circumambulation breathers according to a schedule prepared by the supervisor of the year.
5. The supervisor monitors the performance of employees within the internal and restrooms.