The Dean Message

Dean's word

My sons and daughters students ..

      I welcome you in your university to the castle of science, knowledge, originality, excellence and scientific creativity in all fields.

    The Deanship of Student Affairs is one of the executive administrative branches of this university. It is a fully integrated administrative and administrative system that harnesses its energies and potentials to serve you and take care of your affairs. It is a supportive and complementary system for the academic and scientific process and we seek to make the university life full of fun and benefit through our support for various student programs and activities. The event encourages students to achieve an integrated balance between academic requirements and personal, psychological, physical and social development.

    The Deanship also pays special attention to students with special needs and international students under the auspices of all their affairs and works to connect the students with the local community in cooperation with the various institutions that contribute with us in this effort and through the activities and events in which the students participate.

     And the Islamic through trips and scientific missions supervised by the Deanship in various fields through the annual exchange program adopted by the Deanship and supervised by the Deanship is a founding member of the Arab Council for the training of students of Arab universities Which was established in 1992 by virtue of the decision of the Council of Universities Union, which is also a founding member of the University of Khartoum. 

    This Council provides training opportunities to students in various scientific and professional fields by encouraging the members of the General Federation of Universities to provide opportunities for the training of students, The University participates annually in this forum under the supervision of the Deanship of Students, the most recent of which is the 2012 Forum which was held in July this year, which hosted the University 32 Students from 4 Arab sister countries are Egypt, Iraq, Yemen and Palestine.

   The university has obtained 36 training opportunities in the Arab universities and the conditions of the university examinations. Nine students from Khartoum University have been sent to Egypt and Yemen.

     The Deanship also supervises the annual creative forum in one of the human sciences disciplines The Arab Council is also hosted by one of the Arab universities. It offers projects of student production or distinguished scientific research, which are selected by an arbitration committee, where prizes are presented to the winning research students, and the professors who supervise the research are honored. 2012 at the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Saudi Arabia, the University has participated in three distinct student research.

   The Deanship also encourages international participations for students to supervise the organization of all scientific trips. The Deanship sponsors and organizes the reception of new students each year, and sponsors competitions and internal and external competitions. 

   The Deanship works to support and encourage collective and voluntary work, instilling the spirit of cooperation among the students and the optimal use of leisure time through the various socio-cultural and sports activities and supervising the registration of associations and associations. Cultural and sporting activities, through which the abilities and talents of the university are developed and the university's scientific, sports and cultural teams are set up to conduct competitive and friendly activities with different universities and institutions internally and externally.

    The university is often characterized by achieving advanced and honorable positions, as well as the needs of students in the health, physical and psychological fields. We are proud to belong to this distinguished edifice to become a student of the University of Khartoum as distinguished and creative as the leader of the people of his country. We are very pleased with your suggestions and opinions to extend bridges with you. To meet your needs and requirements, we remind you that we pay great attention to your ideas and suggestions to develop this department designed to serve you through your direct contact with the Deanship and its various units.

   The Deanship of Social Communication on your Facebook is entitled:

Deanship of Students / University of Khartoum And open its arms with open arms to answer your queries and hear your opinions and suggestions and everything that will improve the work and improve your service. This is in addition to the main page of the Deanship of the University of Khartoum website, which contains all about the Deanship that Plan events and announcements and others.

      So, we welcome you to the Deanship of Students, and may God bless you and you to serve this distinguished edifice represented by the student of the University of Khartoum, who was still referred to as boys. We hope that we will always elevate you to become our university in the ranks of distinguished and distinguished universities worldwide.