Mission and Vision

               creating an attractive campus environment, conscious and civilized.
            Message educational primarily humanitarian meet the needs of students and sponsor their own affairs and provide base inclusive of all programs and student activities extracurricular in various fields:
cultural, sporting and psychological, professional and provide training and qualification programs and continuous improvement to raise the level of knowledge and qualifications, professional and different skills and prepare and qualify students for leadership roles and distinct society.
             values ​​of truth and goodness and virtue and humanity.
Logo :
           cooperation, responsibility, creativity and excellence.

The Deanship of Student Affairs looks forward to coordinating with the various units of the University with the following tasks:-

1. Maintain individual student records and files, which contain basic information for students in terms of their social and economic status and their geographical distribution in the states of Sudan and benefit from the provision of all aspects of care for the student.
2. Seeking to solve the health problems of students in coordination with the Department of Health Services and other relevant bodies.
3. Seeking to solve the students' economic problems outside the classroom in coordination with the National Fund for Student Welfare.
4. Guide and guide students and develop their personalities and try to address their psychological problems.
5. Estimating students' tuition fees and following up the procedures for installment and collection.
6. Exploring the potential of the students and their abilities in the technical, literary, sports and social fields, and working to train and refine these and employ these abilities and talents to nurture a generation that is mentally and physically healthy.
7. Attention to students with special needs (Hassia and Harkia), and care of them in academic, economic and psychological.
8. To enrich the university arena with the comprehensive cultural activity by implementing cultural programs and supervising the programs that students are holding, including lectures, seminars, cultural weeks, poetry forums and others.
9. Representing the university externally in competitions and competitions carried out by the relevant authorities.
10. Supervise all the work of the Union of students and scientific associations and associations. As well as the supervision of the Federation's finances and the management of its investment facilities.
11. Implementation and coverage of special events of admission and graduation and others.
12. Caring for international students from sister countries and facilitating their stay in the country.
13. Receiving students from other countries participating in the annual exchange of students and implementing cultural and entertainment programs for them.