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   The Students' Affairs Deanship represents the student's family  within the  campus, which   is entrusted with caring for students socially, culturally, as well as health wise (including physical and psyche fitness) to help them graduate as good citizens of the community.

In coordination with the various units of the university, the Students' Deanship undertakes the following tasks:

· To maintain individual records and files of all students that contain the basic information on

the student and to benefit from such in the provision of all aspects of care for students;

· To seek to resolve the economic issues of students outside the classroom in coordination with the

     * National Fund for Students' Welfare.

 .To seek to resolve the students' health issues, in coordination with the Department of Health Services and other relevant actors.

· To provide guidance and counselling for students and the development of their personality and tom attempt to address their psychosocial issues;

· To care for students with special needs (emotionally and physically) and to care for them academically, economically and psychologically.

· To enrich the university climate with comprehensive cultural activity through the implementation of cultural programs and the supervision of the programs hosted by students such as lectures, symposia, cultural weeks and poetry forums.

· To assume external representation of the university in competitions and contests organised by the relevant authorities.

· To supervise all the work of the students' union, and the scientific and cultural leagues, associations, as well as to oversee the finances of the Union and the management of its investment facilities.

· To supervise the affairs of the martyrs.

· To cover special events pertaining to admission, graduation and the like.

· To care for students from sisterly countries and to facilitate the task of their stay in the country.

· To receive students on student exchange programmes and to organise cultural and entertainment programmes for them.

Deanship Units

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The Deanship of Student Affairs consists of the following:

· The Dean's Office.

· Oversight units.

· Administrative & Financial Affairs units.

· Specialised units.