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Congratulations for joining the University of Khartoum. We, at the University, believe that studying should be a rich personal, social and academic experience. Within the University regular talks, events and expeditions are held throughout the year covering a wide range of subjects and featuring various activities. The University is a unique place that gathers top scientists in engineering, science, medicine and talented artists, philosophers and journalists just to name a few. Living among these people is a lifetime experience we wish you enjoy to the fullest.
Should you need help of any kind, the staff at the deanship of students’ affairs is here for you.


Student Affairs Workshop


The workshop will be held on Sunday, October 8, 2017, at 10:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Sharjah Hall under the patronage of Prof. Soumia Mohamed Ahmed Abu Keshouh, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The workshop will discuss a number of papers related to student affairs and issues. Experts in this area (program annex).

Events of the Organizing Committee of the Student Affairs Workshop

The student affairs workshop was held on Sunday 8/10, and the current status and future of the university was discussed and discussed under the patronage of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Prof. Sumaya Mohammed Ahmed Abu Keshouh and the presence of the university's director, Prof. Ahmed Mohammed Sulaiman, and a number of university principals, In Sudanese universities. The attendance was great for journalists and those interested in the status of the university.

The workshop was chaired by Dr. Hashim Mohammed Al-Hadi, head of the workshop, and Dr. Taha Al-Makashafi, Dean of Student Affairs. The workshop was organized and five papers were presented on the topics of enhancing the stability of the university, and the role of the student union in the stability of the university and the promotion of university life and the negative activities in the university environment. Which will contribute to the stability of the university and provide the appropriate environment for students to progress scientific, cultural and sports fit to the extent of the University of Khartoum.




Student Affairs Workshop

تم إقامة ورشه عمل شؤون الطلاب يوم الاحد المrوافق 8/10 ولقد تمت دراسة ومناقشة وضع الجامعة الراهن ومستقبلها وذلك برعاية وزير التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي بروفسير سمية محمد أحمد ابو كشوه وبحضور مدير الجامعة بروفسير أحمد محمد سليمان وعدد من مدراء الجامعات و عمداء الكيات وعمداء شؤون الطلاب بالجامعات السودانية وكان الحضور كبير للصحفيين والمهتمين بوضع الجامعة. وكان البرفسير هاشم محمد الهادي رئيس الورشه والدكتور طه المكاشفي عميد شؤون الطلاب مقرر الورشة وتم تقديم خمس اوراق علمية تناولت موضوعات تعزيز الاستقرار الدراسي – التامين والسلامة ودور اتحاد الطلاب في استقرار الجامعة وترقية الحياة الجامعية والنشاط اللاصفي والظواهر السالبة في البيئة الجامعية ولقد خرجت الورشة بالعديد من التوصيات التي سوف تساهم في إستقرار أوضاع الجامعة وتوفير البيئة المناسبة للطلاب للتقدم العلمي والثقافي والرياضي يليق بقدر جامعة الخرطوم.

7th World Youth Health Conference (whss 2017)

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

The students of Khartoum University participated in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Nursing Sciences, 19 students and Dr. Nazek Mustafa Nur Al-Huda Professor at the Faculty of Dentistry under the supervision of Dr. Salwa Sulaiman Naim Deanship of Student Affairs in the presence of the Seventh World Youth Health Conference in the city of Kigali, Ronda State from 23 - 27/11/2017.
Objectives of the Conference:
1 / Public health attention in the fields of research, technology and the development of health means by international standards.
In the following areas of awareness:
1 / Pharmaceutical awareness.
2 / Maternal and Child Health.
3 / mental and mental health.
4 / Dental Hygiene.
5 / Health academic curricula.
6 / Hearing disability
7 / Research in various health fields.
8 / think about finding ways to solve the problem if there is no funding.
The conference included a number of scientific papers in addition to workshops,
Students actively participated and provided d. Nazek Mustafa Nur Al-Huda A paper on dental health education was a valuable contribution to the participants.

Coordination meeting

Coordinating meeting of the National Fund for Student Affairs and Director of Al Zahra and Al Tafakir

Complex on the housing environment

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